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Getting a good night's sleep is important for your physical, mental and emotional health. One of the biggest things that can affect your sleep is your mattress. Walker Mattress and Furniture in Belton, Texas has a wide selection of mattresses to pick from. You can choose from twin, full, queen and king sizes with a full line of adjustable bases.

Browse Walker Mattress and Furniture today to find the right mattress for your home.

Find the mattress design that's right for your sleep patterns

Find the mattress design that's right for your sleep patterns

There are so many mattresses to choose from, especially when you visit a mattress store like Walker Mattress and Furniture. When you're shopping, you can choose between several different options, such as:

  • Traditional spring mattresses-spring mattresses are your entry level mattresses and are less expensive than foam and hybrids.
  • All-foam mattresses-foam mattresses contour to your body, relieving all pressure points while staying cool. 
  • Hybrid mattresses-hybrids are the best of both worlds taking the benifits of gel memory foam and combining it with individually pocketed coils.

Test out all three of these mattresses to decide which one is best for you. Visit our mattress store in Belton, Texas today to get started.